Oh, Canada!

Yesterday, pre-Earth Hour, we went to a maple festival in a small, nearby town. It was pretty much what you’d expect: a lot of greasy food, a lot of maple-inspired baked goods. Deep-fried Mars bars (which I did not partake of, but my partner knows someone who did). I went to Las Vegas with my family last year, and while there we encountered deep-fried Twinkies, which became known as The Abomination.To me, it was the ultimate symbol of American excess (as was Las Vegas itself, really). There is literally no redeeming quality; they took something that was already repulsive, and made it more disgusting.

The Mars bars seemed marginally more appealing than The Abomination, as they are not primarily composed of radioactive polystyrene and other carcinogens, but only marginally. It still seems pretty extreme. But that’s what these sorts of festivals are about, right? There were no less than 5 vendors selling fried dough in various incarnations (Elephant Ear, Beaver Tail, Funnel Cake… whatever), and several selling apple fritters– deep-fried apple slices covered in maple syrup. We ended up having some sort of deep-fried perogies and roasted corn on the cob for lunch. The corn was delicious, the perogies were mediocre (but, having grown up with homemade ones which are not deep-fried, my standards are rather lofty).

We bought some homemade dill pickles and some maple candy (both glorious, though the latter could send anyone into a diabetic coma).

All in all, a pretty lovely day.


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